Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The Demonic Duo

Lut and I put together themed characters on Virtue, since more people seemed to be leaning that way than any other. As usual, more time was spent designing costumes and picking out names than actually playing. Last night, I'd made up a little demon-like character that Lut had liked the look of, so he based his off of that. I re-created mine at the same time, so that I could give her a new name. After due consideration and poking about on the web, we settled on Asmedaj Daitya for his name and Kasadya Daitya for hers.

Couple of things to note: First, the lighting is kind of low in this shot. Actual characters are slightly more vibrant. (For example: Kasadya has orange-red lips and eye makeup, not visible here). Second, Kasadya is standing on a hedge and is closer to the camera than Asmedaj. That is to say: while the image makes it look like he's larger than she is, in the game itself he's a LOT larger than she is. He's about 7'6" and she's around 4'10" or so. Her head comes up to his waist. This was not precisely intentional (I said, "I'll be short." He said, "I'll be tall.") But it's amusing nonetheless. :)
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