Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Another Boring Dream

Just so people don't get the idea that all my dreams involve flying and cool tropical islands: this morning when I woke, I could remember my last dream, and it was almost as dull as the licensing cartoon characters one.

Someone I didn't know was giving me a ride home, and we were trying to get out through a gated parking lot. (Curiously, in my dream, the gated parking lot was the one for my home, but in the topography of my dreams, it was merely re-used scenery, not actually my building.) The stranger who was giving me a ride put his gate card against the plate to open the gate, and it opened, but before we could drive through it, it had shut again. We repeated this process once or twice, with the same results, until I decided to get out of the car and block the gate open so he could drive out.

Then a boy scout troop arrived, and the gate almost closed on one of them. They all jumped back and decided to go the long way around, but it was clear to me that the sensor on the gate had to be broken entirely. I put my hand on the gate to hold it open the next time it opened, and fortunately, it's motor wasn't that strong, so it didn't close after that.

At this point, the man who was driving me had gotten out of the car too, and he told me, "You drive the car out, I'll hold the gate." He held out a big ring of keys to me.

I looked at him, feeling annoyed, thinking, I just want to get home. Now is not the time to be chivalrous, or whatever you're trying. But it wasn't worth arguing. Instead, I said, "Which one is the car key?"

He looked at the ring, and maybe it finally sunk into him how sily it would be for me to drive the car just out of the lot, because he said, "OK, I'll drive it."

I had just enough time to think, Good choice, then I woke up.

I still like the tropical island where I can fly better. :)
Tags: dreams

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