Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

That writing-about-writing thing again

Got a decent chunk of writing done tonight on Prophecy -- and not only that, but I actually rather enjoyed writing it.

As I get nearer to the finish line, I've been sticking much more closely to writing events as they unfold. A lot of what's left is stuff I wasn't sure how to write. The few remaining scenes that I know should be fun, I've wanted to save as a sort of reward for getting through the icky parts in between.

But as I was thinking about what I wanted to write, I realized that, hey, suddenly I've got this idea for a part that I'm not quite up to yet. Moreover, it's a part that I hadn't been sure how to handle. And I decided, "Forget continuity. I'd better write this down now while I'm thinking about it and before I forget or lose my inspiration."

And I spent an hour or so writing down the part that I was inspired to do, and I'm happy. And being happy about writing makes me even happier. It's a virtuous cycle!

OK, I'm going to bed now.
Tags: writing
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