Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Resolution Update

I'm mostly doing this as a Prophecy update, but I'll hit my other New Year's resolutions along the way.

Resolution 1: Finish the Rough Draft of Prophecy by June 30

I have 28 days left. My chapter-remaining count currently stands at seven. This is, generally speaking, good. It's more than I'd like -- my chapter-remaining count at the beginning of April was fourteen, so I have to pick up the pace on finishing chapters if I'm to get through this.

Then again, I have been picking up the pace on finishing chapters. I got three out of the way over Memorial weekend.

I'm officially switching from "slow and steady" to "sprint" mode. With just seven left to go, I'm throwing out all quotas, systems, metrics, etc. The goal for June is "finish the draft, by any means possible". I can see the finish line from here. For the first time, I know I'm going to make it.

Resolution 2: Finish the book

One way or another, this will happen, too, even if "polish" turns out to be "more-or-less coherent" as opposed to "marketable".

Resolution 3: Be Proud

That "even if" above sounded suspiciously like a "but", didn't it? I'll keep working on this one. ;)

Resolution 4: Weight Loss

I started the year at 140 lbs, and resolved to get down to 130 lbs. Monday I tipped the scales at 143.5.


That's not quite as bad as it sounds -- for one, I moved the scale from a rug to a tile floor, and it turns out that makes it register an extra three pounds. For another, I was up even more, but I walked to and from work all last week, and that seems to have caused a general downward trend.

Of course, we had a charity bake sale at work today and yesterday, which I have overindulged in, so I have no idea how I'm doing this week. But I haven't taken the car to work this week, either, and hopefully getting more exercise will help out.

(For those of you wondering about the rowing machine -- it was bothering my back, so I haven't used it much. I may give it another shot at some point, being more careful about keeping my back straight, but at least walking is something.)

Resolution 5: Roleplay

I've completely dropped the ball in the last couple of months on this one. I still need to write an epilogue for JTM, and start a new campaign. After I'm done with the draft of Prophecy in June, roleplay is going to move to the top of my priority list for July. I expect to kick off a new bi-weekly game some time next month.

Resolution 6: Calm down

Um. Moving right along ....

Resolution 7: Dry Basement

Last night, I met for another consultation with the gentleman from my favorite of the three foundation companies. I also spoke with my neighbor about neighborhood conditions.

The city is running sewer lines through my neighborhood sometime in the not-too-distant future. This could, conceivably, fix the drainage problems around my house. Even if it doesn't alleviate them completely, it may modify them enough that less drastic measures will do the trick.

So now I need to call the city and find out when the work is done. The upshot is that I may be living with water trouble in my basement for a while yet. :/ I may attempt some "damage control" measure, like building a trench of rubber cement around the walls that leak, leading to my sump pump, so that at least the carpet won't get drenched again if we have another flood.

On the upside, I ordered an air purifier which did a bang-up job killing the mildew odor in the basement. It did such a good job I lent it to a coworker whose basement had also flooded. I still haven't gotten it back (probably she'll bring it to me Monday) but there's still no significant odor problem in the basement. Woohoo! The smell bothered me more than the water itself, really, though the water is still decidedly annoying.

Resolution 8: Pants!

Pants! Yay, haven't outgrown any of my new work pants yet. :D

Resolution 9: Courage

Yup, still determined to keep trying. :)
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