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The rest of the day

The plumber called me back a little after 9AM. He gets all his sump pumps from a single supplier, because no one else carries the pumps he likes. That supplier is supposed to be getting a shipment in at 1:30 or 2PM. The plumber will pick up a pump at that time, then come straight to my house. He says he expects to be there by 3PM.

I relay this news to Lut. We briefly toy with ways to use the wet/dry vacuum to drain some of the water from my rapidly filling basement. Lut spends some time jury-rigging a garden hose onto the wet/dry vac, puts the end of the hose into the water, plants the vac outside the basement door, and turns it on. Unfortunately, he discovers that he can't just leave the drain valve on the vacuum open, or it sucks air through that opening instead of sucking water through the hose. So he brings out a book and sits in a chair near the vacuum, getting up to empty it into the drainage pipe behind the house every five minutes or so, as soon as it fills up. This empties around 100 gallons of water an hour from the basement. By mid-afternoon, this appears to be about the rate that new water is coming in.

At 3PM, I call back the plumber. No sump pump yet. Just waiting to hear from the supplier. Can I wait until tomorrow if I have to?

I hope not.

At 3:30PM, the plumber calls back. He has the sump pump! But Lut's not answering the phone. Am I sure he's there? I assure him that yes, he's home, he just can't hear the phone ring over the noise of the vacuum. Just go, he'll be right out back.

4:30PM, I get home, to the welcome sight of a plumber's van in my driveway. The plumber installs the sump pump while I watch, and turns it on. "Ah, there, it's working, hear that?"

I can't, in fact, though I can see the water flowing visibly towards the pump now.

"Oh -- that's the other good thing about these pumps. They're very quiet."

The lights flicker. I blink. Is the new pump shorting out the circuit?

Everything goes off. We check the circuit box: no circuits have flipped.

The power went out again.

"So, Lut ... wanna go out to dinner? For steak? And beer? And pizza?" (Those last three are a running joke between us -- Lut enjoys all three a great deal more than I do, though I am quite fond of the tomato-sauce-less pizzas at our favorite pizza place.)

While he's there anyway, I ask the plumber to replace the split faucet on the side of the house, and he does so.

Last time the power went out, the power company had a phone message stating when the problem would be fixed. This time we call, and it doesn't even mention the outage yet.

We go to Red Lobster, eat way too much food, box up tons of leftovers, and call again. "We are working hard to restore power in your area. If you have any additional complaints, press 1. Otherwise, please terminate the call."

So, Lut, wanna go to a movie?

We go see the third Harry Potter movie, which we both enjoy and which keeps us from thinking about the 100+ gallons of water per hour that are probably still entering my basement.

We emerge from the movie at 10PM and call the power company.: "We are working hard to restore power in your area. If you have any additional complaints, press 1. Otherwise, please terminate the call."

Not much left to do execpt go to sleep anyway. So we go home. "Hmm. Doesn't look like power is out at anyone else's house."

"Oh, I hope it's not just us. If it's just us, they're not going to care about getting it fixed in a hurry."

"The neighbors have power."

"Oh, man ... "

"Hey! There's a light on in our garage!"

The power had been restored, according to the blinking clocks, three and a half hours earlier. The power company just hadn't updated their phone message. Most of the standing water has been pumped out of my basement, though the carpets are still drenched. Hurrah!

And that was my day. Hey, I've had worse. ;)
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