Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

And then there were four


I just finished writing the chapter I've dreaded writing since I started this project thirteen years ago.

It went better than I expected. It's not good -- it'd still make anyone who knew about warfare cringe (Lut was reading my computer screen while I wrote it, and he was cringing) but at least it's dramatic. Which beats the "inaccurate and undramatic" that I was expecting. And I did deprive the readers of at least one thing that will probably annoy them ("what? what happened? That's all we get?")

But ... it's written.

I have ten more days to write the remaining four chapters, which should be easier by comparison. This chapter was very involved, with a lot of switching back and forth between character viewpoints -- there are thirteen or fourteen little parts to it, whereas I expect the last four chapters to be just one part each. I've got notes for all of them. No sweat.

Almost there.

And then I can take July off and prep for "A Game of October". Whee! Just a little further ....

Oddly, part of me wants to take a break for the rest of today and relax, while another part wants to charge forward and finish writing the whole draft. Sort of "The finish line is just over that hill, I bet I can sprint to it from here!"

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