Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Campaign stuff

Woke up late and exhausted this morning. I had a dream where beetiger and bard_bloom took me out on a date. And Bard briefly possessed the body of his son, projectmothra which made me wonder what happened to Rhys while Bard was in the baby's form. In my dream they had two cats with cheetah spots -- not rosettes, but roundish black spots -- and fed them on kibble mixed with cat milk. Those would be the more normal parts of the dream. It was fun but apparently not very restful.

I have been churning out stuff in preparation for my new campaign, "A Game of October". The livejournal I created to track the game, game_of_october is up to 23 entries. Five of those are character write-ups, three are session logs, and some have redundancies in them ... but still. Phew. Lot of writing in the last month! And most of it done in the last week and a half, after I received final character write-ups. There's one more log that I haven't edited and posted yet. But I have six days until the next session, so I'm starting to feel like I can take a moment to breathe again.

Come to think of it, this journal doesn't get 23 entries in a month. My imaginary life has always sparked more writing from me than my real one.

Keeping the campaign notes on LJ has worked surprisingly well for me. It's nice to be able to look at them with equal ease from work or home, and it's good to have everything in one place, instead of staggered between exchange email and text files on my harddrive and logfiles on a website. The LJ comments section is even nice for keeping other people's input associated with the correct topic. And -- added bonus! -- the non-players who want to follow along with the campaign's progress can do so at their leisure, without me having to spam mailboxes. Spam friends' lists, maybe. :) But I'm using cut-tags extensively so that doesn't seem to be a signifant problem.

I'd tentatively planned to start editing Prophecy this month, but I think I'll put that off until after I get back from my vacation, on the 22nd. That way I can spend the next couple of weeks on the campaign. I'm going to try to avoid having more than a two-week break for any PC, and since I'm gone for a week and my players are already staggered by a week that will require some interesting juggling to accomplish. Once I'm back, though, it should settle down. Well. Apart from the trip to the Bahamas over Labor Day weekend. And my parents coming to visit in September. OK, maybe things won't settle down. That's all right, too.

The first sessions have gone quite well. It's nice to be able to sit back during the log itself and let the pieces I've set in motion do their thing. Weird, but nice. >:)

But for now -- back to work! At that day-job thing.
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