Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Sophrani's meme

Sophrani developed a meme, "MindWorks" to do on Fridays in lieu of the "Friday Five". The idea is to trace back the links to a current thought. I'm not much good at doing a specific thing on every Friday, so I'll just give it a shot now while I'm thinking about it.

Thought: There's a lot more specialized breeding of cats than I realized.

Back to the Source:
1) I was browsing this page on "ultra typing", or the creation of increasingly extreme and inbred versions of cats to get cats that conform more closely to open-ended breeding standards. (By "open-ended", I mean standards such as "ears should be large and wide-spaced" without saying how large is too large, or how far apart is too far apart.)

2) I had found this link through Google, while looking for information on breeds of large domestic cats.

3) I'd heard about "Ragdoll" cats as being especially large housecats (up to 20lbs for a normal-weight cat) but couldn't remember the breed name, and was trying to track it down.

4) I was thinking about big cats because while I was at LochHart, feychildthe had told me about two of her pet Maine Coon cats, another breed of larger-than-normal housecats.

5) I'd been reflecting on that because I was thinking about the trip while I was petting my own cat, Ash, and once again considering whether or not I wanted to get a second cat.

And that's the meme. :)

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