Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


I already know where my next trip is going to take me -- telnar and I made plans a few months ago to go to the Bahamas over Labor Day weekend.

For the week after that, my parents will be visiting me in Emerald City (this is what my parents do instead of complaining "you never visit" -- they come see me.)

But after mid-September, nothing on the "visiting" front is planned on my calendar. And I must be losing my mind, because somehow I find myself thinking "I should plan another trip." Y'know, it used to be that I liked staying home on my weekends. Actually, I still do. It's just that I like visiting friends, too.

Trying to decide who to see next. minor_architect and kagetsume are very tempting; I haven't seen them since last Christmas, and I can get a direct flight to Sophrani's city, making it a perfect single-weekend destination.

I've also never met the various Florida LJers I know, and the good time of year to visit Florida is coming up, too. Mm. Decisions, decisions ....
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