Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Wednesday, August 18

I am once again keeping pace between which day I'm writing an entry about, and which day I'm reading of old LJ entries.

Though I keep having to check my calendar to remember what date went with each day. I remembered the days of the week based on what was happening, but the only date that stuck with me was lady_anne's birthday, August 19th.

I did wake up, or at least was semi-conscious, when kelloggs2066 was leaving the house. I staggered out of bed at 5AM, gave him a goodbye hug, and staggered back to bed.

By the time I got up again, Lady Anne had returned home, and level_head had set out for work. I had waffles for breakfast, which Lady Anne had thoughtfully purchased for me the day before. Mmm. She and I had a few hours in which to talk, which I appreciated -- I haven't had much of a chance to get to know her, and it was good to rectify that a bit.

oceansedge, frostbyt3 and feychildthe were scheduled to arrive at 3:30PM, though we didn't know how logn they'd be getting through customs. However, Lady Anne wanted to stop on the way to visit her sister, Bridget, in the hospital. So we set out early in the afternoon. We stopped by the store to pick up crushed garlic for dinner (The spaghetti sauce Lady Anne was already cooking smelled delicious!) and a balloon. The balloon was Lady Anne's idea -- it'd make us easy to pick out from the crowd, since none of us had much hope of recognizing each other otherwise. (This worked splendidly when I flew out back in April). We wound up with a bright pink dolphin, because Ocean's Edge likes dolphins and because Lady Anne figured "pink" would go over better than "blue-green and being ridden by a Hello Kitty". (This was entirely correct.)

We had a fun time getting to the hospital. Lady Anne had printed out directions from MapQuest and I was attempting to navigate, but we were too busy talking and missed a turn. No problem: we'll just take the next one.

The next turn put us onto a freeway headed for the airport. Whoops. Well, we've got directions to the airport from the hospital: all we need to do is reverse those and we're set.

Neither of us was quite overflowing with confidence about our ability to invert the directions correctly. Fortunately, Lady Anne had a big book o' maps in the car, and after a lot of fumbling with it, I managed to locate both the airport and the hospital on it. We made it! Very nearly on schedule, even. We went in to see Bridget, who was looking remarkably well, especially for someone who'd had a heart attack a week ago and had surgery to have a stent put in her the day before. O.O We spent a pleasant hour or so talking to her. Her story about the day of the heart attack was entertaining in an Oh-my-Lord-I-can't-believe-you-had-a-heart-attack-and-then-did-all-that sort of way.

At about 4:20, we left the hospital. Almost immediately after Lady Anne turned her cellphone back on, it rang: our Canadian friends had escaped from customs already! She told Ocean's Edge to watch for the pink dolphin, and we zoomed off to the airport, which was pretty close (and hey, we already knew the way by now).

At the airport, we prowled slowly along the pickup lane, with the dolphin flying out the front passenger window. They spotted us first: Ocean's Edge burst out laughing as soon as she saw the dolphin.

Once everyone and everything was loaded into the car, we returned to LochHart for dinner. Dinner was a pasta buffet: spaghetti with homemade tomato & meat sauce, cheese tortellini with homemade garlic-butter sauce, cheese lasagna, and possibly one other type of pasta that's eluding me now. In any case, it was all delicious. :9

I hadn't known much about Frostbyt3 and The Feychild other than as "Ocean's Edge's kids". They were terrific company. Frostbyt3 managed to be simultaneously snarky and polite (he'd oblige with any request quite cheerfully, while still making remarks like "That's me, slave labor.") The Feychild was quieter, but friendly. She told me a bit about their pet cats -- they have two Maine coon cats! And one domestic. Purr.

Another remarkable thing about the two of them -- for teenaged siblings, they got along uncannily well. Frostbyt3 would mock-complain about the Feychild that "The only difference between her 'innocent' act and mine is that people actually fall for hers." But there was no bickering and they were happy to do things together. Great folks.

After dinner, we finally tried out the new hot tub, which worked quite delightfully. (The deck, on the other hand, worked somewhat less delightfully; the contractors had goofed and managed to lay it so that water that overflowed the hot tub would leak into the house, instead of flowing away from it. Bleah.)

But the hottub itself was very nifty. Individual water jets could be opened or closed by hand, and the jets for each set of seats could be controlled independentally and had variable speed settings. Six was, granted, a little crowded, but it was still great fun. Mmmm. Hottub.

After a few hours of becoming suitably prunified, I dragged myself from the hottub, showered, and went to sleep.
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