Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Friday, August 20, and Saturday morning

The day started out with sausage gravy and biscuits. Mmm. lady_anne's sausage gravy is the first I've ever had that I enjoyed. Lut was amazed when I came home Saturday and wanted to make sausage gravy. :)

This was my last day at LochHart: my plane left Saturday morning at 10AM.

octantis lived near the airport -- twenty minutes or so, rather than the hour plus distance of LochHart. So it was quite convenient to all involved that I visit Octantis Friday evening, stay overnight, and then go on to the airport. I could've rented a car, but I gratefully chickened out when level_head consented to drive me to Octantis's place, and Octantis offered to take me to the airport. Traffic in their area is pretty bad, and I'm not much of a driver under the best of circumstances. Anything that would turn dull, yet tense and uncomfortable driving-time into fun, companionable passenger-time is a Good Thing in my book. I feel rather selfish about asking folks to chauffer me around, but both gentlemen seemed willing enough to oblige. Octantis even told me he'd've felt terrible if I got in an accident while driving myself around, so I can just think of it as sparing him potential guilt, right? :)

In any case, after breakfast I had a few hours at LochHart to be sociable. feychildthe retrieved her art supplies from her luggage, and sat down to draw. Ocean's Edge said to me, when her daughter had just started, "The fun part is watching her draw."

At first, I didn't understand what she meant. Then I got it. The Feychild does not use construction lines, and she doesn't erase. Ever. She draws each line in exactly the shape, thickness and firmness desired, then continues on to the next part. Complete confidence, no hesitation. It's rather uncanny to witness. It also makes her quite fast.

She gave me two (two!) pictures, one of her Stick Figure Dragons (I wish I could come up with this many ideas for individuals to do in my pictures):

(Scan doesn't look as good as the original, I'm afraid)

And this very nifty set of mythical creatures, on sort of a fire-water-earth-air theme:

I'd started a picture of Ocean's Edge's lioness for her on the plane out, and I finished it this morning. I also did a wyvern with a rider for the Feychild, as a thank-you her for her drawings.

We listened to a disc of MP3s Ocean's Edge had burned -- I particularly enjoyed the "Great Big Sea" tracks. I finished packing. And at around 2:30 or so, Level Head and I set out for the city.

Lady Anne had asked us to pick up some medications and dinner for Bridget while we were in the area. So we did so. Bridget suggested chicken, and we tracked down a Boston Market near the drugstore (or, to be strictly accurate, Level Head's car tracked one down). We got three side dishes and a roast chicken. During dinner, I ate the side dishes while the two of them had a bit of everything. At one point, Level Head looked over at my plate of yams and creamed spinach, and said, "You can have some of the main dish, you know."

"I know." I grinned and helped myself to one of the corn muffins.

After dinner, Bridget showed me around her house. She has good taste, with each of her rooms appointed according to different themes. My favorite was the Native American theme in her bedroom, which had several lovely dolls on display. She also had many framed needlepoints hung on the walls, all of which she'd done, some of which were by her own design -- very cool. We talked a bit more while Level Head cleaned up after dinner. His l33t dishwashing skillz were rather wasted on three sets of forks and plates, though. Her ceilings, we noticed, are quite high -- nine feet, perhaps -- and the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling. The topmost shelves were too high for even Level Head, who's 6'3", to use effectively. Bridget is somewhat less than 5'. She said there's a platter at the back of one of the shelves that was there before she moved in, and will probably still be there after she leaves, because there's no way she's getting it out. :)

By the time we left, it was after 7PM, which was roughly when I was supposed to be meeting octantis and okojosan. I gave them a call from the car to say we were running late; fortunately, so were they. I left a message.

With the help of the car's navigational system, we managed to get to Octantis's apartment complex without making too many wrong turns. He was waiting outside for us when we drove up, and I recognized him long before I identified the building. Not too many men with hip-length straight black hair. <3 One of the first things I did (after exchanging hugs and identifications and whatnot) was to grab a hank of that hair, look at it, and announce, "I hate you." Why won't my hair grow that long? Why do men get all the great hair?

Octantis surprised both Level Head and me by recognizing Level Head based on his user icon. I guess it's a better likeness than I thought. *^.^*

After Level Head had left, we headed up to Octantis's apartment, and I got to meet Okojosan and see their apartment. And meet all their animals. Which included one absolutely adorable white ferret, two guinea pigs (which immediately made me think of sandramort; I still want to call them pinea gigs) and an assassin bug. And probably some others that I've forgotten.

And Stuff.

Before I arrived, Octantis had done that almost obligatory apologies-for-the-mess. In fact, their apartment is reasonably tidy: it's just crammed, wall-to-wall, with Really Cool Stuff. Many many stuffed animals. Lots of cool art on the walls. Consoles, and console games, and console game gear. His and her computers. (Of course!) Breyer horse models (I used to collect those when I was a kid; I still have some of them, in fact). Books, and more books. A naked mole rat figure. (I meant to take a picture of that for ursula_v but I didn't.) Most of the stuff was Okojosan's, though the console stuff was Octantis'.

I knew that both Okojosan and Octantis are excellent artists, so I asked if they had any of their own art hanging on the walls. Nope; apparently they're both of the "embarrassed about their art" types, so they keep it all hidden away in sketchbooks. I did get Octantis to dig out a couple of his sketchbooks so I could look through them. He had lots of interesting and amusing images, many of them from online artist jams. I love his sketching style; even the unfinished roughs have a neat under-construction look to them. My own sketches always look so bleah until I finish them.

We talked about Zumanity, and Okojosan produced a book she had on a different Cirque du Soleil production, and also a series of posters she had from Cavalia. Impressive images! I hope to see more of shows like these, sometime.

My hosts had not eaten dinner yet. Around 9PM, I'd recovered a bit of appetite, and we set out for a Malaysian restaurant they frequented. I got a Longan tea, which was a sweet fruity drink, with fruits at the bottom that resembled grapes and tasted rather like pears. It was nummy. I also ordered an appetizer for my main course: pastry puffs wrapped around curried chicken and potatoes. :9 Excellent cuisine! Octantis treated us, (thank, Octantis!) and did another thing that reminded me of Sandy -- he said that it warmed his heart that I'd eaten something: "Now I feel like a proper host." We chattered all through dinner -- or at least, I chattered, mostly about bank stuff and other things I'd done so far on this trip.

When we got back, Octantis explained that most of the console equipment visible was, in fact, the controls for one game: Steel Battalion. Okojosan said that it was a hoot just to watch him play. So of course, I had to see it in action. The controls (for a single player) include two joysticks replete with buttons on them and on the base, a center panel with a bunch more buttons (including such things as "the windshield cleaning button" and "the button for extinguishing fires in the cockpit") and a series of foot pedals. (!) I watched him play for a bit. It was at least as entertaining to watch him ply all these instruments as to watch the game itself. I can't imagine trying to manage all of that adequately at one time, while enemies are shooting at me. O.o

After that, we called it a night.

The next morning, Octantis and I got up early so we could grab breakfast and get me to the airport. I stole a few minutes to do his hair (mmm, hair) in a twist braid, because it's the fastest unusual braid that I know. Someday, when I have more time while visiting him, I'm going to do elf braids on him. :)

We got breakfast at IHOP, and I got to hear more about his current job and his previous employment as a playtester. Neat stuff.

Then it was off to the airport. I greatly enjoyed meeting Octantis and Okojosan -- I'm sorry I didn't have more time to spend with them.

And that was my vacation. Guess it's time to finish catching up on LJ now. And to start the next round of Game of October sessions!

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