Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

More about Ash

When I got up, she wasn't in bed with us, like she normally is. She was under the office table. She purred when I pet her, but she wouldn't follow me when I got up. I brought her into the kitchen and offered her a fresh can of food. She didn't touch it. She hadn't touched the cat milk from last night, either.

I forced a little liquid into her (she used the litterbox last night, so I guess she must've drank something during the last 24 hours, but neither Lut nor I have seen her do so.) She struggled with me.

It's funny how, even on the day Branl died, when she would sleep in the litterbox and wouldn't move from the cat room, Branl still had the energy to fight me when I tried to forcefeed her. It's like they're fighting to die.

After I let her go, Ash went and hid under the bed. She wouldn't come out. I was going to leave her alone, but then I decided to haul her out anyway, and hold her while I ate breakfast and read LJ. If she's going to die, I don't want my last memory of her to be fighting and frustration.

Now she's napping on my lap, purring quietly.

Maybe I'll go in to work a little late today.
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