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Ash still isn't eating, but she's otherwise behaving normally: hopping o top of my body pillow while I'm sleeping, following me around in the morning while I get ready for work, sitting in my lap when I'm in front of my computer. Lut will take her in to the vet today.

I've forced a little bit, 20 or 30 ml, of cat-food-flavored-water into her in the last couple of days. She's vomited most of it back up again. Actually, yesterday she vomited more food than I'd actually forced into her, which makes me wonder if she ate a bit on her own. She still shows zero interest in eating or drinking. Not even cat milk or tuna soup. *sigh*

Anyway, I wanted to take a little break from grim cat news to talk about my parents' visit.

My parents are very low-maintenance guests. They flew in on Wednesday and checked into a hotel near my house. Wednesday night they came over, saw the house and we chatted a bit, then they took Lut and I out to dinner. Yesterday while I was at work, my father collected some tourist information and they went out to see one of the local sites. Then they came over when I got home and took us out to dinner again.

They keep saying that if we want to have a night to ourselves, that's fine and they'll entertain themselves, but honestly, going out to a nice restaurant and talking to my parents for a few hours is so not a hardship for me. :) Plus, my mother gets sleepy fairly early in the evening, so I wind up with a couple of free hours after they've gone back to the hotel anyway.

So we'll probably have dinner again tonight, and after that I may teach my father Robo Rally. My father is totally not into computer games, but he moderately enjoys some board games, and the programming/planning angle of Robo Rally may interest him.

I amy show him the interface for "Paradise Poker", the online poker room I use, too. He's always liked poker (though he's not played much Hold 'Em, which is the popular casino version of the game) and he's never been good at reading tells, either. So he might like online poker. Getting him to play a computer game would be a real first, though, so I'm not holding my breath on that one.

This weekend, Lut suggested we check out a local garden-type attraction that we've never been to. Not sure what else we'll do.

And that's the visit so far. :)
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