Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Ash Update

Lut took her to the vet for bloodwork on Friday, and left her there overnight for observation. When I called on Saturday morning, they said the blood tests hadn't turned up anything but a little anemia. They gave her an anti-vomiting agent and an antibiotic, and she'd eaten while she was there (wow!) They gave me the same medicines to take home, and sent her on her way.

I picked up some dry cat food, jarred baby food (oceansedge's suggestion) and a couple more varieties of catfood. I set out a couple of tablespoons of dry cat food at around noon, and Ash promptly ate it. Wow!

And that's the end of the good news, because she hasn't eaten anything else since. Tried tempting her with cat milk and baby food, no luck. Left out some dry cat food, but she hasn't touched it.


The vet wanted to see her again on Monday anyway, so Lut'll bring her back then and we'll see if he's got any new ideas.
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