Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Cat and Parental status

Ash is doing much better now. She's been eating voluntarily since we got her back on Saturday, though she'd only had around a quarter cup of food on Saturday and Sunday combined. However, since Monday night she's eaten maybe three-quarters of a cup of dry cat food, and is hungrily eating more now. As well as drinking lots. So it looks like she's going back to normal. Yay! She's not going to drop over dead at any moment!

Many thanks to everyone who offered her well-wishes and prayers. I really appreciate it.

My parents, who had been staying in a nearby hotel since last Wednesday and visiting me, went home today. We had a nice visit. Went out to eat many many times and ate lots of good food. Also played a lot of Robo Rally with my father, who surprised me by being perfectly willing not only to learn the game, but to play it several times over the course of a few nights. My mother isn't interested in board games, but she wanted to play World of Warcraft anyway, and Lut is one of the relative few with access to its closed beta, so she played a lot of that while we did Robo Rally.

My manly, former-Marine boyfriend also suggested we visit a botanical garden and catch butterflies. We missed the butterfly catching event (maybe next year) but did go see the garden. I took lots of pictures, which I will possibly post someday when I muster up the necessary energy.

My Bahamas trip has been postponed to November, which means that for the next two months I'm not going anywhere or doing anything. (Apart from the local convention at the end of October, anyway). I am looking forward to it! The not-doing-much part, actually. Finally, I should have the time to catch up on A Game of October and to start revising Prophecy.

Though for tonight, I think I'll just chill. Maybe play a little Puzzle Pirates, or catch up on LJ, or sketch a bit.

Or not do much of anything.

Mmmm, nothing.
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