Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


I don't think I ever did a proper follow-up to Ash's health scare last month. Just so's you all know -- she's doing great. She's been eating regularly since we got her back from her overnight stay with the vet back in early September, and put her on the medication. She finished the antibiotic fine and stopped vomiting immediately, so I don't even use up the anti-vomiting agent.

There's been one incident when she vomited several times in one evening, but other than that, she's been fine. I've had her on dry cat food since the return from the vet, because that's what the vet fed her overnight and she ate it. So, best guess at this point is that it was some kind of stomach bug. Hard to say, really. I'd taken her off dry cat food in late August because she'd been retching a lot on it. She did a little better on canned cat food for a week or so, and then in early September I had the scare where she stopped eating entirely.

But, whatever it was, she's over it now, and is back to her mewing, purring, following-me-around-everywhere-demanding-attention self. For which I am profoundly grateful.

*pets cat*
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