Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Team America: World Police

I honestly was not offended by this film. There were a few scenes that were sufficiently over-the-top with their crudity that I rolled my eyes and waited for them to be over. But most of the crudity, and all of the political digs, didn't bother me.

No, I just didn't think it was particularly funny or well done. Now, there were admittedly a handful of scenes that were hilarious, and another handful that were amusing or had some great lines. But most of it was just dull. Not biting. Not offensive. Boring.

Anyway, I understand that quite a few folks found it hysterically funny, so YMMV. I confess one of the gags that didn't work for me was the badly-done marionette work. This was clearly intentional -- you can do gorgeous marionette motion with a skilled puppeteer, and even in this film some of the marionette work is well-done -- but it didn't amuse me. Ah well.
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