Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

I'm Dreaming of a White Thanksgiving ...

... just like the ones they get in Manitoba ...

So, it snowed this morning.

This did not terribly surprise me, because Lut had warned me that the weather forecast had mentioned the possibility of snow today. So when I looked out the window early this morning and saw snow, I shrugged and went back to sleep.

Now, when Lut and I stepped out to go to work this morning into five inches of snow and more coming down --

that surprised me.

Lut wound up calling in and I walked to work late, because the bank don't close for nuttin'. (During the seven and a half years that I've worked at the bank, it has always opened for business in the morning. Two or three times, it's closed early and sent people home, however. And the big ice storm a few years back that took out power throughout the city took down some of our branches for a few days, but not the one I worked at. The power went out at mine -- but it was also our transaction-processing and server center, so they brought in a generator the size of a U-haul to power the location.)

Anyway, I thought for sure the snow was going to keep going throughout the day and we'd get sent home early, but it stopped by 10:30, and by the time I went home, the streets were clear enough that I walked home rather than hitting up one of my coworkers for a ride. (Many of my co-workers pass within a few blocks of my house on their way home normally, so it's not much inconvenience for them to give me a lift.) The walk in hadn't been much fun, especially for the stretch along the highway. Neither the shoulder nor the parking lots I normally walk along were cleared, so I was wading through drifts of snow for most of that section.

But before I went in to work, Lut and I were sitting at home, recovering from our efforts to clear the driveway. Even though we'd gotten most of the driveway clear, the streets around our house had not been plowed, so no matter how we wanted to get to a main road, it meant going uphill on an unplowed one. Lut decided not to risk it. I was petting the cat and commenting that I wondered what Ash would make of snow. Ash is an indoor cat. She's been outside a few times in the last eight years, and she doesn't like it much.

Lut said, "You could take pictures of her. And call it 'Sad Kitty in Snow'."


That makes the caption his fault. But I'm afraid everything else is mine. Sorry, Ash.

I think she looks more like "Mad Cat in Snow", but she wasn't too keen on posing.
As a side note -- last summer, we used to leave the basement door open to air out the basement. Most of Ash's experience with the outdoors comes from her forays outside while the door was open. And at least a couple of occasions where she was trapped outside overnight because we closed the door at night and didn't realize she was out.

When we had her outside today, once she realized that she couldn't get back in through the front door, she took a couple of minutes to orient herself -- then headed for the basement door. :)
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