Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


I feel that I ought to write something, though I'm not sure what. My vacation formally ended yesterday morning, when I returned to work. My workday went better than my first day back did in the last two year. In 2000, I returned to find my co-workers floundering painfully in their efforts to do my job, and making errors that I did not know how to do on purpose, let alone by accident. In 2001, a few months after the Toddler Bank merger, I returned to find that two of my new co-workers had been laid off, including the woman who had been my counterpart at Infant Bank. "We only needed one of you," Glinda told me. "It was you or her."

(As it happened, my counterpart found another job at a different bank, and is, I am told, perfectly happy there.)

This time, my desk was relatively clear and my job done--perhaps not brilliantly or without errors, but without glaring flaws. At least not that I've noticed so far.

And now, I'd best get back to it. Later, all.
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