Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

I must be getting to like traveling more, or at least, dislike traveling not-very-much. I'm certainly doing a great deal more of it these days.

My trip to visit kagetsume and minor_architect is the fourth -- no, fifth -- flight I've taken this year. Wow. I need to sign up for more frequent flier plans if I'm going to keep this up.

The trip has been a blast so far! I got in late Friday night, and we stayed up for a while talking, mostly about gamer stuff. City of Heroes, Sinai, Game of October, and old RPG campaigns that've ended.

Saturday, we watched some of the DVDs in Kage's collection -- a few episodes of "Black Adder", in this case -- before going out to grab a bite to eat and wander around a plaza chatting some more. Then we met up with tkurogrym and kamots_sawtooth for dinner at The Melting Pot, where we lingered for a couple of hours chatting and eating. Grym is doing the Atkins diet; the Metling Pot is a surprisingly good place to eat if you're on that diet. At least until you get to desert. :9 A couple of salient quotes:

Me [holding up my half-full plate of entree]: "Help! Help me!"
Kamots: "I'll save you!" [takes plate away from me and dumps food onto his plate]
Me: "My hero!"

Me [getting up to use the restroom for the Nth time]: "Excuse me."
Kamots: "Okay. We'll be sure to not talk about you while you're gone, heh heh heh."
[I approach Kamots, who cringes back in anticipation of getting smacked and/or tickled. I give him a nice hug]
Kamots [slumps sadly]: "Arggh! Guilt!"
Grym: "Oooo, I'll have to remember that one."

After dinner, we went to a bookstore to wander about and chat some more (no one lives particularly close to The Melting Pot), and Sophrani picked up a DVD of "The Blue Collar Comedy Tour", which we watched when we got home. Thereby insuring that we stayed up Way Too Late.

More about the trip later; from the sound of it, my hosts are fully ambulatory now so I'll go do more stuff instead of writing about it. :)

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