Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Places to Go, People to See

More of the latter than the former, really. My wish list for trips in 2005:

* Further Confusion: Not going to make it, I know. But I wish I were. Maybe 2006.

* strangess and krizen: I may make it back their way in 2005. Strangess has been wanting me to meet one of her favorite people in their area for years, but he's always contrived to be out of town on my past visits. . Much as I'd like to see brennabat again if I'm in that general neck of the woods, I'm afraid she'll have to make her own way to their place. The long drive and the additional scheduling hassles of the ferry wiped me out on the last trip. 4 days of traveling, even only six or seven hours a day, was too much for me. Without the long drive, it's still an 8 to 12 hour flight to Strangess's, so doing this on a weekend is out of the question. I'll schedule at least a week if I go, and it'll probably be March or April.

* octantis and okojosan: The last time I was there, I only got to spend one evening with them, and it'd be nice to see them for a couple of days instead. They're only a direct flight away, so a weekend trip -- even one that's only two days -- is quite reasonable. Don't know when or if I'll do this in 2005.

* Anthrocon: Currently, I figure on going. At least six or so people from my LJ friends list should be there, and maybe more. Ought to be fun, and since it's at a hub city, it should be possible to get a direct flight -- so a weekend trip will be fine. Anyone wanna share a room with me? :)

* My parents and other relatives: I haven't gone to visit any of my relatives since my trip in 2002. If I visit my parents in their summer home, I could see my brother and sister-in-law and my nieces and nephews, too. The flight there is six hours or so; I may do this as a three-day weekend jaunt.

* Orlando, Florida: No, not for Disney World. jordangreywolf, koogrr, gen, prester_scott, and others all live in this general area. koogrr has offered me a place to stay while I'm down there in the past. I've never met *any* of the Florida folks that I've been in contact with for years, so this figures high on the list of "things I'd like to do." Maybe if I schedule it just right, I can catch a SPÜN concert while I'm down there. :) This would be a reasonable three-day-weekend thing

* South Africa: telnar and I tossed this idea around after our last trip, when considering foreign countries that would be markedly different from the USA but where English was the native language. Botswana is adjacent to South Africa, and I think it'd be cool to see that country, too. This is definitely a week-or-more trip, if we do it.

* kagetsume and minor_architect: 'cause I had so much time visiting them earlier this month. :)

Hmm. I think that about covers it, unless I'm forgetting something.

That would make seven trips in one year (not counting FC which I'm obviously not attending). I made ... let's see ... five trips this year.

Five was a lot.

Theoretically, I could probably schedule enough time for all of these, especially since there are only two trips where I'd need more than one day off to go, and I could use floating days or holidays to get three-day weekends for the others.

But seven?

Who'm I kidding? I'm not going to make seven trips in one year. Neither my finances nor my sanity could handle that much travel. Besides, it'd be nice to spend some holidays and vacation days at home with Lut.

Some of these will simply have to wait until 2006.

Ah, but it'd be nice. If only I had a personal teleporter, I'd be totally set. :)
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