Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


My cat is amazingly sanguine.

Her few remaining teeth are going bad. She's been showing the symptoms of this for a little while now: she's drooling again, her breath is bad, and -- very recently -- she's been eating less and more gingerly. I've been wanting to get her to the vet, but with the holidays and Lut's work/class schedule, it hasn't happened. (I plan to ask one of my coworkers to help get her to the vet tomorrow.)

Yesterday. one side of her face was all puffed up. I know this has got to hurt. Her mouth must be sore; she must be uncomfortable.

But she does not complain. She does not wander the house, mewling at the pain that won't go away. She doesn't even lie around, listless and unresponsive, unable to enjoy life because of her discomfort.

No, she wants the same things she always wants: love, petting, and attention. And she follows me around the house, patiently or impatiently waiting for me to stop what I'm doing and pet her. When I sit down at my computer, she hops into my lap, and curls up with every sign of contentment. When I pet her, she responds the same way she always done, with lots of purring.

She's such a great cat. I could learn a lot from her.
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