Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Happily Ever After

Just now, I was working on some artwork for later release, and thought, "I wish I could show this to everyone now."

Reflecting on this, I realized that this had not-infrequently been the case of late. I always want to show my artwork off right now. Now now now now. While I'm doing it. Not in two weeks or two hours. NOW.

And then, once the alloted waiting period is over and I could show it to everyone ... I don't. The part of my brain that was going "now now now" while I was working on it is now going "eh, that's yesterday's news, I don't care anymore."

Anyway, I thought perhaps I could trick my brain into being happy about not displaying what I'm working on now by displaying something I did four months ago and never uploaded.

Last August, I visited lady_anne and level_head for Lady Anne's birthday. As my gift, I did a picture for her, titled "Happily Ever After". This is the final version of that image. Level Head posted a larger version to his journal, here, if you want to see more details.

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