Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


sandratayler's birthday was last Thursday, January 27, a fact howardtayler kindly made known to all her fans. ;)

Some months earlier, I'd done a picture for Mrs. Tayler -- "Gripe" -- and she'd turned it into an icon. Ever since then, I'd wanted to do some other icons for her, partly because, frankly, she doesn't have much need for one about griping. :)

So I used her birthday as an excuse to do a crop of icons, which she has since cheerfully uploaded to her journal. You can see the icons at icon-size here.

Or, if you'd like to see the full-size originals I did ('cause I like to work large, y'know), you can

The thick black ink lines don't look that good at full size, but they help make the features stand out once shrunk down to 100x100. When I was doing icons for oceansedge I used varying shades of red and brown for the "ink lines" which gave a nicer overall effect, I think. Wish I'd remembered that for these. Ah well. I'm pretty pleased with them -- and more importantly, so is Mrs. Tayler. :)

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