Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Am I reading LJ more often, or are y'all just quieter than usual? Only ten minutes into my lunch, and I'm out of new entries to read. Guess I have to write my own.

*casts about for something to write about* Hmm. Let's see how my New Year's Resolutions are coming.

1) Write fiction for UnfinishedTales more often than I did in 2005.
This one is going better than any of 'em, I'm sure. Part of me had hoped to beat last year's total for fiction entries (20) in the first month. I didn't manage that, but I did 14, so OK, I'm happy about it. They're all on Silver Scales, which is fine. It'd be fine if they weren't on Silver Scales, too. I've just been more inspired to work on Scales than anything else.

2) I will not let the fact that I have an audience deter me from writing what I want in UnfinishedTales.

This has been merely "okay" rather than "good". I've gone ahead and posted some entries that I thought were "too short" for a proper entry, which is a plus on the "who cares about audience?" side. And I've been rambling a bit, which would be less likely to happen if I were more worried about my audience. On the other hand, I've been writing "Scales", the single most popular story to appear in UT, so this resolution has not yet been put to the test.

3) I will try not to psyche myself out of doing anything remotely productive.
I've had some setbacks in this area, but overall, it's been going well. I've done various and sundry projects this month, from drawing icons for Sandra Tayler to assorted random sketches to a handful of writings that aren't in UT (I'm particular pleased with my "Rabbit Hole" entries, for no really good reason) to doing more cleaning than I normally do. (And I'm keeping up better with laundry, too.) Oh, and entries to Rowyn; this has been a fairly communicative month for me here. It's funny, as I'm going back and looking at, say, October, when I wrote nothing in UT and not much here. And I'm wondering: what did I do that month? I ran some Game of October sessions, I'm sure. Oh, and I was revising Prophecy by then.

Anyway, this is still something I ened to watch for, but it's going better.

4) I'll keep track of the books that I read this year.
Thus far:
King Rat, China Meiville
Wee Free Men, Terry Pratchett
There Will Be Dragons, John Ringo

So I'm keeping up on that. :)

5) I will lose 10 pounds this year, down to 127 lbs.
Last time I weighed myself I was at 134.5. I don't think I'm making as much progress, as that looks like, however. At the end of last year my weight was ping-ponging about and dipped to 135 several times before ending at 137. Still, it's been a while since I weighed in at more than 135, so this one's going all right and I've still got eleven months to go.

6) Do more sketching, and complete at least 4 pictures. (Digital or real media).
Check for part one. The Sandra Tayler icons are too smallto qualify as individual finished pieces, but they probably collectively qualify as "one finished piece".


8) Keep the Game of October campaign moving.
Uh ... well, it's moving, albeit slowly. I gotta schedule some more sessions. Especially for this weekend. Due to player availablity, it's become nearly impossible to schedule a session for a week night, which is aggravating to me because weeknights are my preferred time to game. Ah well.

9) Don't give up.
No worries. :)
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