Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Ten Things

A few people have commented that you must've led an extraordinary life to be able to do this meme. I haven't, but I'm going to take a crack at it anyway. I'm thinking the trick is to pick something obscure, not necessarily dramatic.

Ten Things I've Done that You Probably Haven't

1) Fallen in love with a man I met over the Internet and moved across the country to be with him. Twice.
2) Written a novel wherein a sane and rational woman does her utmost to destroy her own world.
3) Worked with oil paints, and found them the most intuitive color medium I've ever worked in, and the easiest to get my desired results (apart from the nuisance of setting up the area and the paints, and putting them away again).
4) Had a surprise birthday party come to my bedroom, because I had just thrown my back out and could not come to it. (Thanks, sandramort! My best birthday party EV4R! <3 )
5) Shared a bed with my computer for several months. ("Oh, computer, you know what I like.")
6) Had an ex-boyfriend try to kick my door in -- and then had him apologize for doing so a year later. (He's actually a quite likeable and pleasant person and had much better control of his emotions by then.)
7) Flown across the country to meet a friend for the first time in person -- as a surprise guest at his birthday party.
8) Designed, constructed, and wore the costume of "Mousewoman: Caped Crusader!" (Best line, told to the host of a party: "All of your cheese is gone." *pause* "My work here is done!")
9) Drove to Manhattan with friends to hang out in a $6 million penthouse owned by a friend-of-a-friend, and got kicked out of it twelve hours later by the caretaker.
10) Broken my ankle when I was an adolescent and hobbled around on it for three days before going to a doctor to get it set -- and emerged from the experience thinking that I was way too much of a complainer.
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