Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


I'm feeling sort of bleah today. Don't know what I want to write about or where I want to write it. I started an essay in UT a few days ago, but I don't think I really want to finish it.

I'm assuming that "Brad's Corner" thing on the front page is an April Fool's joke. At least, I sure hope so. What a dreadful picture. Looks like a promo shot for an Aaron Spelling drama.

I had a dream last weekend, which I don't remember much about except for the magic system it had. In it, magic was used to make things do stuff, but it was easiest to make something do what it normally did. So, for instance, it would be hard to make a pile of snow move itself out of a driveway. But it would be easy to use magic to turn on a snow plow and have the snow plow move it. When I woke up, I was trying to codify this system, and apply it to human behavior. It's distinct from the Champions, where mental powers are easiest if you're make people do what they want to do anyway. But this was about habits, not desires. If you had someone whose job was to assemble widgets and they'd been doing this job for 10 years, it'd be easy under this magic system to make them continue to assemble widgets -- even if they had special reasons to want to stop.

I thought that was kind of a neat idea, though I don't know that I'm going to do anything with it.

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