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Some weeks ago, koogrr and I were talking about the characters he's played on FurryMUCK. One of these is Kinshasa, the African chimera. I was familiar with the character from Kinshasa's movie reviews, many of which are

I thought at the time that the character would be interesting to interact with, but I couldn't really think what my FM character would do with her. For a little while, I considered creating a new character, but after some reflection, I realized that the ideas I most wanted to explore weren't suited to FM-style roleplay ("My character runs into your character and we talk"). No, I wanted to run a game for Kinshasa, to co-author a story about the character.

I suggested this idea to Koogrr, and he responded enthusiastically. We chatted back and forth about the character's origins and personality. One possiblity we discussed was running a game for the mature Kinshasa, the chimera that roleplays on FurryMUCK and is at peace (more or less) with her three-fold nature.

But the more we talked about it, the more we leaned towards starting earlier and earlier. You can start a story anywhere and make it work. But we chose to begin at the beginning, with a Kinshasa who is still bound to her creator. One who does not yet have a name, who is only the Monster.

I created a journal, kinshasa_tale (Kinshasa is taken, whodathunk it?), to post the story to as it unfolds. The icon is currently done by me (hopefully, John will do a better one at some point to replace it; I like his movie-review icon for her, but the popcorn and candy doesn't quite fit the tone of the story.) The journal won't update that frequently, as I'm also busy running Game of October logs involving many more players. But for anyone who'd like to follow along, there it is.
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