Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

These things are addictive

I went out today and got more inking-type art supplies. Fatter markers, better brush pens, a metallic gold pen, and a few (eek!) Tria markers. The latter are because I wanted to experiment with something like the effects in "Sin City"-- black and white with a few hints of color here and there.

So of course, once I got home, I had to do another 1-hour comic page.

I couldn't make myself stop on this one, so I just went over the time limit by a bit. I wasn't quite done with inking on the last panel, and I'd wanted to go back and put in the color highlights on her dress and lips. Again, I sat down with no clue what I was going to draw. It was about ten minutes to do the script and plan the layout, ten minutes with pencils to get the shapes down, forty-two minutes inking, and three minutes of highlights plus a little erasing of pencil marks.

Next time I do this, I'm hoping to get some kind of "punchline" idea, the way I did with the first one, because I'm not too keen on these serious ones.

I should also broaden out and do something that doesn't have any pretty women in it. Except that, really, if I wanna do something that looks half-way decent, I'm gonna have to do pretty women because that's what I have the most practice drawing.

Anyway, this is all rather fun and now I have a whole bunch of various-sized inking pens. It's almost enough that I feel obligated to do the 24-hour comic solely to justify buying them all. (I did by an extra fat marker and two extra brush pens, because both shatterstripes and koogrr lamented that their pens all died on them. Hopefully, with all mine being brand new I won't have that problem.
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