Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Gonna post something

I have a one-week vacation starting in two and a half days. It's the first vacation I've taken in several years where I'm not going anywhere. (Although two or three years ago I took a two-week vacation and spent a week of it at home, so that was kinda similar).

Anyway, I'm tremendously looking forward to it. Nine whole days of nothing! No conventions, no plane trips, no visitors coming. Just me and Lut (who will be in class Monday-Thursday). I don't know what I'm going to do and have resisted planning anything. Although I do expect to run some Game of October sessions next week (I've been lax about scheduling those, rats) and I'm sort of tentatively planning to do a 24-hour comic from Saturday to Sunday morning. Gotta remember to ask Lut what he thinks about the time. John said that he'd stay up with me if I did it over the weekend, which would be cool since I expect my will to go on will be flagging by the wee hours of the morning otherwise. On the other hand, Lut has more free time on the weekend and might rather I didn't wreck an entire one with this project.

I haven't done any more test pages since Saturday, but I have been drawing. Mostly icons for Postvixen queenofstripes, because I'm a sucker for doing art if asked.

Some of the icons turned out okay and some of them I'm still working on. I've been doing them in black and white because, well, I bought all these markers last Saturday and I need to get my money's worth out of them. I'm less frustrated with my inking than I have been previously. Not so much because I've gotten better at it, but because I gave up on all of the things I did badly with it, eg hatching and dots and other greyscale stuff that jordangreywolf and koogrr and tuftears and too many others to name do so beautifully and which I am way too lazy to ever master. Large areas of black. Large areas of white. Yeah, I can kinda handle that.

I feel a little odd about doing all this black and white art, because in theory what I want to do well is elaborate realistic-looking full color paintings. That gets away from the 'draw the outline' style of comic books and more towards 'do all the shapes of the colors, don't focus on the outlines of the objects'. So I'm drawing and thinking 'Is this the part of art that I want to be practicing?'

And then I realize that I'm drawing this because it's fun. Not for good practice or to get better. Fun.

Oh yeah.

I guess it doesn't matter if it's productive or not if I'm enjoying it.

Anyway, I should provide links and stuff if I'm going to talk about art, right? Right. Clickie on the little ones for bigger versions.

This last one I like the concept for but haven't managed to get right yet. The previous version was unsalvageable and I started over from scratch. This one I could fix digitally by re-arranging one of the eyes, but I'm more inclined to start over again. Haven't decided yet. I also plan to do something with the 'hair', maybe two-tone colors and black marker for some of it. On either this version or the next one, if I decide to try again.

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