Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Iconography (or: Because Polls Are Fun! Right?)

So I got a permanent account last week. That means I can upload up to a hundred icons.

I'd never gotten around to using all fifteen of the icon slots I had before; I've got thirteen.

They're all pictures of me.

There's a reason why I'm using pictures of myself for all my icons, but it's not a very good reason. I started back when I only had three slots on my free account, and I was too lazy to draw anything so I just scanned a few pictures of myself.

Then I got a paid account, and briefly once again contemplated drawing icons for myself. And didn't for a few months, so I finally thought "Oh, forget it, I'm putting up a bunch more pictures of myself."

And now I have eighty-seven more empty icon slots.


I really should use them for something. But my mind revolts at the notion of uploading eighty-seven more 100x100 pixel versions of myself. Yeah, I may be vain, but I'm not that vain.

(Lut: "Yes you are.")

Ahem. Anyway.

I've always wanted to have a thematic set of icons: all of the same character in different poses/expression. I like my icon to be a recognizable representation of me, so that even if I add a new icon, anyone who sees it would still be able to think at a glance, "Yes, that's rowyn.

But ... a hundred pictures of the same character/person, in different poses? 'Course, I don't have to use them all. But where's the fun in that?

I'm not sure what I'll do, but I'm open to suggestions. And I even made a poll to make suggesting easier, although I'm not sayin' I'll go with whatever wins the poll. :)

Poll #514072 What Should I Do with My New Icon Slots?

Rowyn should:

Upload more pictures of herself! She knows she wants to ...
Pick an avatar and draw some icons already. How many years does it take to come up with one?
Ask her friends to draw icons for her, many of 'em are better at drawing than she is anyway.
Yoink icons from Google Images at random, 'cause it's fun and no one else does thematic icon sets
Compromise and use a few different sets of thematic icons
Something else? (Elaborate in comments)
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