Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

I've Got Nothing to Do Today But Smile

At Lut points out, I have a number of other plans for today -- there's an MMORPG wedding this evening in Puzzle Pirates, I want to go to the art supply store today and pick up some more things, I'll spend an hour or so exercising, and I'll probably do some writing and/or drawing today.

But this line from a Simon and Garfunkel song keeps going through my head nonetheless. My vacation started yesterday, and I ain't got no plans and ain't goin' nowhere, so I'm just relaxing and smiling.

I scanned in my third and, for now, final attempt at Striped Person with Tendril-ly Hair. The icon version looks good, I think, although the full-size one is lacking a certain something. Not enough black in the background, perhaps. Or maybe I should've taken tuftears suggestion and done hatchmarks for the trendrils instead. And colored the lips red.

Anyway, I'm declaring this one Done. queenofstripes, feel free to snag it if you like it, and replace the "halfmask" one unless you really wanna keep that. :)

Click for larger version.

And the Odd Question for the day: Why do I always draw figures facing to their left?
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