Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Seventh hour

Finished page 6 at six hours twelve minutes, putting me at close to on schedule.

Then took a break to eat lunch and write this, putting me behind schedule again. Sigh.

On the good side:

  • I like the writing

  • The pages make me smile

  • Art is not horrible

  • Lunch cooked by Lut (thank you, Lut!)

  • I'm not that far behind schedule, especially given that I took time to work out the plot in advance.

Bad things:

  • I'm seriously dispirited and started out dispirited. Thoughts keep echoing through my head: I wish I hadn't bought all these art supplies so that I'd feel obligated to go through with it. It's nice that I'm amused by the story, but I keep wishing I was using the time to do something other people would enjoy, like write Silver Scales.

  • I'm very tired. Very very tired. My right hand hurts, although it's just doing the normal "too much time holding pen" thing, rather than the random pain spasms I got yesterday.

  • Inking. O how I hate inking. Going for lots of solid blacks was a mistake, it's taking too long. Switched process to write & do rough pencils for multiple pages at a time, and that seems to have helped. At the least, I went from two pages at the three-hour mark to six at the six hour one, so that's something. But the inks still take too long and the results don't look that good for how much time it's taking. And my fat black marker that I got two weeks ago is dying.

  • Frustrated. Tired. And it's only six and a half hours in. No idea how I'm gonna make it seventeen more, much less finish.

But I'm going back to work at it anyway.

There are jokes in it. The jokes make me smile.
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