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Last night, I woke up at 3AM, and took over an hour getting back to sleep. I kept running things over in my head: different parts of the plot of my novel, trying to figure out how I would make things work, and various games of Warcraft I'd been in earlier that day.

When I finally did get to sleep, I had the most insanely complicated dream. As is not uncommon for my dreams, I was more "watching" than a participant, although I followed the actions of one group of characters. I guess they'd be the protagonists, though I wasn't sure I should be rooting for them--I thought they were probably evil.

The characters all had spooky occult/demonic powers, and they all started out as members of their own factions. The protagonists ended up with three men and one woman, I think. Two of the men were dark-haired Caucasians; the woman and the remaining man had more of a Hispanic look. They had been sniping at each other for most of the dream, running through bizarre locations in an effort to find two or three particular items. One was a scroll explaining how this particular spell worked, and the other(s) were the component for the spell. The components started out as inanimate objects, but they kept changing. At the end of the dream, the last component was a tiny baby.

The sets were cool. I can only remember two of them: one was a kind of weird amusement park, with one outdoor ride and seven indoor rides that you got to by wandering a giant curving hallway, with big doors leading off to them. The indoor rides changed every night. The doors were labeled one through seven, with signs identifying the ride currently located within. The protagonists ended up running through here a couple of times, and I think they went on the outdoor ride when it was a rollercoaster once, all in the name of either finding the MacGuffins, or eluding each other.

There were some other characters: a white man with dark blond hair and a beard, who was a reporter, and who kept aiming a giant camera at the protagonists. No one was sure what he wanted or whose side he was on, but everyone avoided him. I think there was some kind of Vietnam connection in here, too. The female character who turned into a protagonist had started on the reporter's side; she'd been a reporter, too.

What the spell was supposed to do, I don't know. I think it originally was supposed to revive a particular dead sorcerer, but then they discovered that to do that, they'd need something like the child of another character who had already died, childless. Then the spell was going to make the protagonists all immortal. At the end, one of the character said it would bring communion with G-d. I wasn't entirely sure I wanted communion with whatever being had created this mess, and required the sacrifice of a tiny child to establish it.

There was a huge brawling fight near the end, Warcraft3-style, while the protagonists were trying to cast the spell and another group was trying to stop them. As it neared dawn (the spell had to be cast at night), the enemies destroyed a ziggurat, which had contained one of the components. Protagonist: "I can't believe you let them DESTROY a COMPONENT!"


"It's ok, it's ok, I think we can replace it--somehow" Then everyone went running back to the amusement park. I remember running across an intersection (it was night again) to catch up to them. I was running in front of a fire truck that had stopped at the light. The driver couldn't see me and started forward when the light turned, and I went reeling into the intersection. When I recovered, I ran after the protagonists into the park again.

One thing I remember cropping up a couple of times was different people saying to one of the protagonists, "We have to go back to this one character." "No, we don't, we have the scroll already." "But he's got the Crow's blood." "There was some of that with the scroll. "Ohhhhh."

Finally, it came back to the grassy hill where they'd tried casting the spell before. A blond woman who had been a recurring antagonist popped up to save the tiny child that was now the MacGuffin. She went on about how frustrating it was to be tasked with this near-impossible goal of protecting a child from constant efforts to sacrifice it. One of the white male protagonists tried to convince her to join them with the "communion with G-d, it'll be like Heaven!" line. She wasn't persuaded. She did look at the Hispanic fellow, who had a name I can remember--Victor--rather sadly, explaining they'd had an affair once. He looked confused, then he went "OHHHH. Victor, the museum curator." Victor had been in an asylum at the start of the dream.

Then the dream went into flashback mode, to Victor's pre-asylum life. This was the special-effects blockbuster set of the dream, with a huge grey stone castle and a tower out front with a giant demonic-looking figure, glowing white, circling the top. A storm crashed as backdrop. Then, a la Monty Python, Victor said, "it's only a scale model." The storm cleared, and the demonic figure turned into a glowing plastic statue, and the image resolved into a 1/2 scale castle, filled with school children exploring it. Victor was out front, beaming proudly. A commercial jingle played: "Victor's Musaco, a modern-day Picasso." About here, I woke up.

I think the plot of the dream was somewhat more coherent than I can actually remember, but maybe not.
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