Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Comic posting

I've finished scanning and formatting all the pages for my 24-hour comic. The pages are essentially exactly as they were when I finished them at 6:59AM on Wednesday morning. The only thing I've done with them in Photopaint is adjust the "tone curve", using that tool to make the blacks darker and the whites lighter. This is a typical tool for correcting scanning artifacts, although in this case it's also getting rid of some pencil lines and unevenness in the original inking.

But I'm not going in to fix the various other little problems with it, tempting though it is to fix some of them. Like the spelling error on page 22 (it's a typo, really. OK, I wasn't typing but I typoed anyway. I knew perfectly well how to spell that word, I just skipped a letter in my rush to get it written.) But I figure the point is to finish in 24 hours and it's cheating to correct stuff now.

Anyway, I've decided not to post the whole thing at once. Most of the pages stand alone reasonably well. So I'm going to take a cue from barbx and post them to my LJ one per weekday. There are a few I may post together, where I think the page'll stand better in conjunction with the following one.

If you're really keen to see them all now, email me and I'll get you access. But I expect feedback from anyone who wants to read ahead. :)
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