Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Peace and Joy in Twenty-Four Hours, Page 3

This page is probably one of my least favorite, art-wise; none of the panels came out very well and I messed up one of the borders. And that bottom panel doesn't look like Joy.

Fortunately, I'd decided from the outset to make the two faeries distinctive in many obvious ways -- hair color, hair style, clothing, wing shape, wing pattern -- so that even when I messed up the subtler distinctions no one was going to wonder "Which character is this?" The bottom panel may not look much like Joy but she's clearly not Peace.

One of the art supplies I'd purchased before starting was a set of "French curves" templates. So I did some curving borders here and there for variety. Worked okay, I guess. The panel layouts were a weakness overall for the strip, as I tended to do things differently more for the sake of difference than as necessarily the most effective way to tell the story.
Tags: peace and joy
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