Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Livejournal dreams

Two separate dreams last night, neither one of great interest, but I figured I'd record them in the name of remembering my dreams better. And they were about people on LJ; maybe they'll be amused. ;)

The first was actually about Livejournal. I was reading my friend's page, as usual in, order of oldest to newest entries. Postvixen had an entry in which she described an RL outing, She and one of her RL friends who writes on LJ were eating at a restaurant and somehow the subject of something I had written on LJ (I can't remember what) came up. Postvixen described it in an unflattering way, but I didn't particularly make note of it -- it didn't sound like a personal attack, but an objection to an idea, and I suspected she had misunderstood me anyway.

Then I read her friend's entry, in which he refered to her entry as "a vicious attack on Rowyn." And I went "Buh huh? It was?" I was going to leave an amused note about how I appreciated the defense, but I didn't feel attacked, as soon as I finished catching up on my friends page.

Then I got to a Postvixen entry in response to her friend's entry, in which she did viciously attack me personally. (Something like I 'was no longer an acceptable person to her)". I was so stunned that I didn't even finish reading the entry. I got the impression that the attack was based on her thinking I had somehow provoked her friend's attack. I was trying to decide how to reply -- aiming for something to note that I hadn't been offended by the earlier entry, didn't understand the motive for this one, and thought she'd misunderstood my original context anyway. Then I woke up. It took me a few minutes to convince myself this was just a dream and that I didn't have to rush off to LJ to clear up some terrible misunderstanding. :)

After I went back to sleep, I had another dream. I was riding in the backseat of a car. Scott was driving, and Gen was in the passenger's seat next to him. Kage was in the seat behind Scott. We were all talking about music. Gen said that she used to play the flute but she gave up because she got bored of it, and now she was learning to sing. Then she started to strum an acoustic guitar. It sounded off at first, but after a moment, resolved into a pleasant, somewhat folksy, tune. Scott started to sing. It was a funny song about how soldiers from New York almost lost WWII, and had to be rescued by the brave soldiers from Texas. I woke up during the second verse, trying to decipher a phrase that was in German and offered, tongue-on-cheek, by the Texas soldiers. (I'd decided it meant 'Will you stop touching me?')
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