Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Peace and Joy, page 7 & 8

Page 7 is seared into my mind as the turning point for the 24-hour comic project. It's the quickest page I did, begun and finished in about 20 minutes. For a splash page, it's terribly unimpressive. But it was important in a number of ways:

* It marked an end to the "black background" pages, which had turned out to be much more time consuming than I'd realized they would. My thickest black marker was also starting to die by the 6th page, so I really need to switch styles.
* It's the first page I did after posting a whiny grumpy rant about how sorry I was I'd started.
* It's the page I did after my lunch break, which had put me farther behind time-wise, but doing a page in 20 minutes meant that I was (at last!) a little ahead of schedule given one hour per page.
* I had my first glass of Diet Coke (eg, caffeine source) as I started this page

I don't know which of the factors was key in turning my mood around -- getting out of the endless sea of time-consuming black, eating lunch, getting caffeine, getting ahead time-wise, or posting the rant and getting it out of my system. The only thing I do know is that it wasn't the actual influx of moral support (although that was much appreciated and enjoyed!) that put me in a good mood. My spirits had already lifted by the time I finished page 7, hours before I next checked my email to see what kind of responses I'd gotten.

From page 7 out, the project went fairly smoothly. I still had anxieties about whether or not I'd succeed, but I stopped thinking "this isn't worth my time". Deciding the comic and the challenge were both enjoyable and worth doing for their own sake made a huge difference to me.

In retrospect, I think that the first panel of page 8 probably belongs on page 7. This is why I'm posting both pages together -- page 7 lacks punch by itself. Another flop for a splash page. That's OK, it got the most important job done: leaving me motivated enough to finish the whole comic.

The third panel on page 8 is one of my favorite pictures of Peace.
Tags: peace and joy

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