January 22nd, 2002

Me 2012

Dear Diary:

After work today, I cooked supper and drew a picture. Now I'm going to bed.

Ok, I actually did a little bit more than just that. But that was the vast majority of my evening. Sigh. Envoy asked me when I wanted to do the next Agatha session; I picked Thursday. Tuftears wants me to run Alice at the same time, because Brenna stood him up when he was supposed to do it on Sunday, but I don' wanna. One log at a time is enough for me.

So I did a little bit of writing to organize my thoughts on the immediate plans for Agatha and sent those off.

I also dinked around looking at things in LiveJournal. Oh, and I got a homepage. Getting a web page was probably the quickest thing I did tonight, mostly because I only wanted one so I'd have a place to put my artwork on the 'net, rather than emailing pictures to people every time I wanted to show one off.

Here's the one I did last night.

Assuming I remember how to put in a link by heart. Oh, that's likely. Lemme double-check that line.

Ok. That oughta work. If it doesn't...um...it's LiveJournal's fault. Yeah. Or, more likely, geocities.