April 21st, 2002

Me 2012


Lut and I don't watch TV. This isn't exactly a snob thing on my part..it's not that I'm sure there's "nothing good on TV." In point of fact, I have no real idea if there's anything "good on TV" or not--I don't watch it. You might be surprised how little you hear about what's on TV if you don't watch any of it at all.

I suspect, judging by comments of friends, there's at least one good show on TV right now--"24"--and if I ever thought to turn my TV on, I might watch it. But I don't. It just works out that way. I have a lot of things I want to do with my time, and scheduling a specific hour and night to watch a TV show never makes the cut. Though I could program my VCR to tape a show....of course, I'd have to buy a blank videotape, first.

In any event, while we don't watch TV programs, we do, on occassion, rent vidoes. Today, we rented the 3-DVD "FarScape" set. We saw an ad for FarScape at the start of some movie or other we rented, and decided to give it a shot. The set lables itself a "Best of the first season" and consists of 6 episodes from the same. We only have one DVD player--the one in Lut's computer. Since a primary reason we rent movies is so we can cuddle on the couch while watching them, watching the FarScape episodes entailed moving Lut's computer--and, for good measure, my 19" monitor--out to the living room.. (I briefly considered moving the couch instead, but, given the layout of our apartment, moving the computer was easier.) As we are doing this, Lut notes, "This will be annoying if we watch the first episode, look at each other, and go 'Euugh, I don't want to watch any more, do you?'"

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