May 8th, 2002

Me 2012

Still Writing

I finished the outline for Prophecy yesterday. Sort of. Monday night I finished scripting out the plot, meaning "These are all the events that have to happen to lead up to the ending." Tuesday I spent some time inserting little things here and there to make the point of that action clearer. Because if, in Chapter 38, the Goodguy's ship gets sunk by Mr. Nasty, I should probably have introduced Goodguy and Mr. Nasty before this, and maybe even why Mr. Nasty is going to be sinking his ship.

So far, the best parts about writing an outline have been that, first, I get to prove that I really do know where I'm going and how to get there. Until I had it all written down in from of me, I still wondered. I would tell people "Oh, yes, I know what happens next, I know how it ends" but I couldn't see all the little intervening bits. Now I can. I'm not positive the outline will work, but at least I have a better idea of how things can go. Krud told me that he's good at writing outlines, but once he has the outline done, he loses the enthusiasm to write it. Or he'll start writing, and then veer off from his outline and not know how to get back on track. I'm not sure if I'll have that problem in my book or not. I know there are a couple of significant plot points that, in the outline, I just said "This happens" without exactly detailing how. I may get to those points in the story and still not be sure how I want to jump that hurdle.

But, the nice thing about GMing is that I'm now confident I can find a way. It may not be the best way, it may even be a bit lame, but it will be something that works. That's reassuring to me. I feel as though, yes, I can do this. Whether it will be worth reading or not when I'm done is another question.

The rough outline was still pretty rough, and there are important character development things that don't show on it anywhere. Needs work. I'm not sure if I will work on it more, or start writing and see what happens.

The other cool thing about an outline is that I don't need to write about events in chronological order. Actually, I never did -- I wrote some scenes that won't appear in the novel until near the end. But, now that I have an outline, I know where those scenes will go, I know what will happen before and after them. I can jump around to whatever part interests me at the moment, and feel confident that I'll know how to work it in to the final product. I can build it like some strange jigsaw puzzle, crafting each puzzle piece individually, confident that when I've finished the last piece, it will all fit together.


Ok, with some smoothing of the edges, straightening of lines, re-drawing of images, adjustment on get the idea. I probably won't be finishing it this month. :)