July 15th, 2002


Fresh Dream

This one I had forgotten most of by the time I work up, so it'll be mercifully short.

It unfolded like a show that I was watching: I wasn't one of the characters. There was a vampire who looked liked a young man, and a human woman who was trying to help him. I don't remember how she was "helping" or what he was like, specifically, I have a sense that the vampire was portrayed as at least somewhat cruel in the first part of the dream.

The vampire had once had a wife and son, but they were dead now. Maybe the woman was helping him as he planned vengeance.

The point I remember most clearly is an image of the woman cuddled up the vampire, her head on his shoulder. She looked up to him, adoringly, and said, "It's a good thing you met me."

He asked why.

She gave a little giggle and said, "Don't you remember? I made you into a vampire."

There's this horrible moment of realization for the vampire. He has a flashback of meeting the woman, her claiming to be a sort of vampire groupie. He remembers introducing her to his wife and son, who are vampires. (His son is teenaged and looked bizarre enough that I remember his appearance. He had tattoos that covered all the skin on his neck and cheeks, of writhing snakes and tongues. When he did his little "vampire" thing for the woman, he could make his tongue long and snakey. The parents were somewhat self-conscious about it, but seemed to think it was cute, too. The father said something like, "He thinks it's very scary." The son gave him an "Oh, Dad!" look.)

Then the memory seemed to fade, and I got the impression the woman was keeping him from remember. But flashes of uneasiness kept returning to him. Later, they were having a telephone conversation, and iat first it sounded wholly one-sided to me. The vampire would say something like, "I know you're really a wild woman, a dangerous lunatic. But I don't care" and then go on to say something similarly queer, almost self contradictory.

Then I realized the woman was very quietly feeding him line, like a jedi mind-control trick. After he said, "dangerous lunatic," she said, "But you don't care," and he simply parroted it back, as if it were his own thought. It was like some part of him was trying to break free of her influence, but he couldn't stay conscious of that fact long enough to make any progress.

That's the last I remember.