October 12th, 2002

Me 2012

Dreams and drawing Elise

I dreamed last night. Can't remember anything of it except for two things.

One, I was looking through my old writings for something I had written about a handsome man. It was, I thought, a quasi-romantic bit that I had done a decade or more ago. The name I attached to it was "Shattered." I kept thinking of a story-snippet involving a woman named Shay, but I knew that wasn't it. I couldn't find the snippet. Part of me was convinced I'd never written it, but a part of me was sure that I had.

Now that I'm awake, I'm sure it's not something I've done. :) (The one involving Shay, however, does exist.)

The other thing I dreamed was that I was chipping the fingernail polish off one of my nails. On Thursday I put on some beige nail polish that I've since decided I don't like. While I was in the bathroom this morning, I checked over my nails. They're all still polished, but I have distinct recollections of chipping away at one of them, so that must have been a dream.

Real thrilling time in my dreams, yeah. Reminds me of a scene in Stanley and His Monster, where the Sandman tells Stanley he's gone way over budget on the special effects for his dreams recently, and for the next several weeks he'll be having quiet dreams about the ocean. "Perhaps that will calm you down."

Brenna liked the picture of Elise, though she had some suggestions for changes. This morning I was digging about, looking for a reference for a standing woman in a good, stern pose. This has thus far eluded me. I wouldn't have thought it'd be hard to find. Maybe I should look for a picture of Joan of Arc.