November 11th, 2002


A Dream of Dancers

I haven't recorded one of my dreams in a while. This morning I had a pretty vivid one. As usual, the end of it remains most clear to me.

The earliest part I can remember is driving along a local highway. At one point, there was an exit that required traffic in the opposite lane to cross over my lane in order to get off. (This isn't a real highway layout, I know). There was some construction going on, and traffic in the lane leading to this exit was stopped in a long line. A construction worker was directing the cars when they could go.

I had the feeling that I was driving in this lane -- the one that was filled by stopped cars headed the opposite direction--when I came to this blockage. I got confused and swerved to avoid the line, but instead of swerving to the right, I went left, into the lanes of oncoming traffic. [I bet Brenna will find this dream-account of my driving skills totally convincing.] And since there was this long line of stopped cars in the lane that was now to my right, I couldn't get back onto my side of the highway, either.
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