December 21st, 2002

Me 2012

How'd it go?

For those who were wondering, the "Planning Ahead" entry was mainly a tongue-in-cheek response to Level Head, who wrote "they had not planned to be happy" when refering to those who weren't happy in similar circumstances to his own, happy, ones.

This made me imagine writing out a daily planner with entries like "Be happy" all over it. This thought amused me, so I did it. I tried to make it a little more entertaining by mapping out my schedule on an absurdly detailed level. I figured the part where I plan to hear the same song at 2:31PM would give away that I wasn't serious, though apparently that didn't work for at least one person.

As it happpens, I am a creature of habit, so my days mostly follow the exact same pattern. The oddity about Friday was that I had this baking to do so I had to guess at how much time I'd spend on various parts of it.

The main divergences from my "plan" were that I went to the grocery store and Costco instead of Wal-Mart, I didn't play the two games of WC3, and I only spent 10 minutes writing. Other than that, it was pretty accurate. Well, I'm not sure about the "be happy" part. I was content, at least. I usually am.

The accuracy of the schedule is more testiment to my predictive skills than my planning ones. I didn't reference back my "schedule" to see what I was supposed to be doing now. Nor did I care if I wasn't "on schedule"; I wrote the whole thing as a joke, though it if made me have a happier day as a result I wasn't going to complain. ;) But it just happens that I know me pretty well and I could estimate about what I would happen to be doing when, and how long it would take me.