January 30th, 2003

Me 2012


Here's my latest issue in NationStates.

Government Acts
The Issue
A group of emergency room doctors has petitioned the government to introduce mandatory organ donations.

The Debate
1) "It's not as crazy as it sounds," says Dr. Clint Broadside. "Every day, people die because we don't have the organs to save them. Well, that and widespread under-funding of the health system. But the point is, if the government allowed us to take organs from dead people, we could save hundreds of lives a year. And come on, it's not like dead people need them."

2) "You keep your damn hands off my organs!" says alarmed hospital patient Hope O'Bannon. "They are my organs, and I'll do with them what I like. The government has no right to my body."

I picked option 2. The trouble with NationStates as a game, however, is that it tends to infer a host of other things based on one decision. A few days I opted to ban cloning in my nation. The next day, all genetic researchers were all being bodily exiled from my country. :)

So I fully expect that the next time I'm checking on the state of my nation, organ donation will be outlawed and doctors will be fleeing the country in droves. Ah well. :)

You can see my little nation here, if you want. I actually agreed to institute more social welfare on Monday (if you can believe that!), but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. My decision to prevent strip mining in Akiruerta's last remaining rainforest, however, appears to have magically restored them all, not to mention brought the houscat back from the brink of extinction. Go fig.