April 23rd, 2003

Me 2012

A little off

I've been feeling out of it all week. I think it's just something psychosomatic and there's nothing wrong with me, but I promised myself I'd take today off anyway if I wasn't feeling all right. I ought to give myself a break every once in a while.

Just the same, I talked myself into going to work today, promising that I'd go home after I wrapped up my work, rather than hanging around scrounging for something else to do and reading manuals. Today's been a little busier than usual, and I may talk myself out of going home early at all. Honestly, somedays I wonder what's wrong with me. In more ways than one.

Right now I feel sort of pleasantly dazed. A little warm, a little light-headed, a little tired, not really hurting or uncomfortable, just ... out of focus. Blurry around the edges. That's me. Trying to learn something new in this state of mind probably won't work real well, but I guess I can try it if it comes to that. Or, gee, I could go home early. Why do I think that's such a crime? I guess because I don't think there's anything really wrong with me.

And once I get home, I'll -- what? Go to bed? No, I'll probably write. I have a scene in progress for Silver Scales, and I worked out how to end it this morning, so that probably won't take too long. I need to plan a new scene for Prophecy. No idea what I'm going to do for that. But I'd better come up with something. Not much time left in the week and I need another 1000 words done. Mirari tomorrow night, flying out Friday evening to see kagetsume and minor_architect. I am so looking forward to that. It'll be great to see them again, and great to have a break from home. I'm just sorry brennabat won't be there this time. (Hi, Brenna! :) But it'll be fun anyway.

Lunch's up. I suppose I should get back to what passes for me doing work.