April 25th, 2003

Me 2012

Still Here

Talk to me,
Won't you tell me your story?


I'm marking time to the end of the day now, a little less than two hours to go, once I get back from lunch. Then it's off to the airport. Whee!

I should be writing something else--a story, you know, does it matter which one?--but really I just want to hear someone talk to me. I want to write something quick and interesting enough that it'll prompt a response from someone. That's a bit pitiful, isn't it? Mmm. Now, what can I use as bait for comments?

I'm reading The Oath by Frank Peretti, and there was an exchange in it that I felt as though I were missing the cultural context on. A dispirited pastor, Ron, is talking to one of his more devout parishoners, Levi.

Ron: "Obey God--fine. So where is He?"
Levi couln't believe what he was hearing. "Ron, you haven't figured that out yet?"
Ron's abundant patience was running low. "Levi, not now."
"All right. But you asked."

Levi repeated that line, "you haven't figured that out yet?" later in the same scene. I felt like I was missing something; that this line was supposed to mean something to me, specifically, but I don't know what.

Maybe one of you can explain it to me?