April 26th, 2003

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A New Campaign, part II

It's been almost a week, and I think I've heard from pretty much everyone I'm going to, so I'm posting the results now. For those who didn't specify if they were interested in being PCs or doing assistant-GM stuff, I'm assuming you just want to PC.

The Players
Lut (see, you don't need an LJ to participate ...)

Assistant GMs/Occasional NPCs
octantis (?)

Webpage Admin, General Assistance and Moral Support

If I've left your name out, or if you'd like to offer to re-categorize yourself (From PC to NPC or vice versa), please let me know! No one who expressed an interest has been intentionally omitted.

The Setting
I'm going to wimp out a bit and ask for votes on a smaller selection, instead of just picking one myself. The one setting that everyone seems to like is CyberWest, but there's a some significant enthusiasm for You Just Have to Trust Me and Interstellar Geographic. So, some additional notes on these three:

CyberWest: This is not going to be a Deadlands game. I've never played Deadlands, never seen a Deadlands book, and my entire knowledge of that game pretty much comes from conversations with Greywolf. Any relationship between a campaign I run and Deadlands is going to be purely coincidental. For example, while CyberWest is, of course, going to have its share of superstitious people, fortune tellers, stage magicians, etc., this sort of thing is going to have no more credibility than it does on Earth. You're not going to see undead zombies walking the streets of abandoned towns.

My concept is a frontier world where laws are loose, exploration is common, and an independent spirit still remains. There'll be a few big corps with a lot of influence on city life and what comes into and leaves the planet, but it's a big place and there's still lots of wild land available for the taking, for homesteaders or recluses to occupy. Tech will be a mixture of advanced, developed products from Earth, which will be expensive and, in some cases, unreliable, as there's not the infrastructure in place to maintain or repair it, and much more primitive, locally-produced items. You'll see people driving hovercars and others riding local animals, depending on the area and what they can afford. There will be quite a variation between the largest city on the planet and the undeveloped hinterlands. Star travel is infrequent and costly, with big ships coming and leaving every six months or so. Earth is the only developed planet in the known galaxy, though there are other colony worlds.

All the PCs will be human. There are no known sentient alien races.

Interstellar Geographic: There will be at least one or two known sentient alien races in this campaign, and players may be allowed to influence those race and play a member of them, if desired. As GM, I'll have final say about what the alien races are like, and they will be as varied, in their own ways, with regards to culture and behavior as humans -- no PC will be able to predict, necessarily, what another member of their race will be like or will do. Hmm. Not much else to add about this right now.

You Just Have to Trust Me: Can't say much else about this, either, except that if you're playing an NPC, you won't have to trust me -- I'll tell you what's going on behind the scenes. ;) Unless you don't want to know any more than your NPC would know ....

Anyway, please rank your preference from 1 to 3, with (1) being your favorite option and (3) being your least favorite. If one of these setting is sufficiently unappealing that you wouldn't play at all if it were chosen, please note that, too.

Thanks for all the interest! Woohoo! :)