May 2nd, 2003

Me 2012

Icons Again

So, I'm looking at this icon I have and thinking, "You know, at least I could get a picture of myself that was in focus to use for an icon, if I'm not going to settle on a drawing to use."

And I'm digging through albums and packages of pictures and emails with jpgs. For a little context: I attend a couple of sf conventions a year, and over the course of each I'll wear between eight and sixteen or so different outfits. (Some people go to cons for the panels, some to hang out with their own kind, others to meet artists and authors. Me, I go to change clothes.) Because the cons are pretty small and not a whole lot of people costume, and I go through so much clothing, I attract what might be considered more than my fair share of photographers. The ones who use digital cameras usually email me the results, and a couple who've used film over the years make a point of giving their subjects copies of every picture.

So I'm looking through this stuff, and I say to Lut, "How can I like the way I look, and have, roughly, I don't know, a bazillion pictures of myself, and yet not have any good headshots?"

Lut chuckles and answers, "All of the people taking those photos are men. They're not looking at your face."


OK, I Finally Did It

But I'm not especially proud of it. I now have ten little pictures of ... well, me, to choose from when posting.

I still think I'd rather have littler drawings of an avatar, though. I just can't decide, y'know ... what avatar. My muse idea sort of fell through when I finally figured out what my muse looks like. He's male. It might confuse people if I used his picture.

To those of you who liked my former heavy reliance on a single image, I offer my condolences.

I'm considering changing some of these over to different little pictures of me. Any votes on which I should ditch first, or any other commentary, I'd be happy to hear it. :)